Wheel Alignment

Free 4-Wheel Alignment Check

We at EDM have Invested over £25,000 installing the latest John Bean 4-wheel alignment equipment. We are confident that you won't get the job done better, or more cost effectively, anywhere else!


Signs of incorrect alignment

Wheel Alignment should always be checked by an expert. Signs of incorrect alignment can be hard to detect but can include:

  • • A steering wheel that isn't straight
  • • Your car pulling to one side whilst driving
  • • Tyres wearing excessively on the inside or outside edge


What causes incorrect alignment?

Wheel alignment can be affected by hitting the kerb or a large pothole in the road or travelling regularly on rough surfaces like gravel roads. As the UK roads seem to be getting worse, we would always recommend you get your alignment checked every regular to avoid excessive tyre wear.


What's the difference between Wheel Alignment and tracking?

Wheel Alignment measures every single angle on all the wheels of a vehicle. Our John Bean Alignment equipment contains specific data for 1000's of vehicles allowing us to make sure the vehicle is set to the exact specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Tracking only measures one angle just on the front wheels and is unlikely to solve problems associated with incorrect wheel alignment.


How do I know that the Alignment is set correctly?

Here at EDM, our technicians are highly experienced & qualified and carry out 100's of Wheel Alignments every year. We make sure that you're given a colour coded print out showing your alignment before and after the adjustment. If you'd like this printout explaining to you, please ask in the branch.


What does Wheel alignment Cost?

We will carry out the check which takes 10 mins FREE of charge then we can asses what may need adjusting generally the cost is £34.99 for a basic front or rear wheel tracking adjustment but can be up to £69.99 if more adjustments are required but we wont do any adjustment with prior authorisation.


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