If you think your exhaust is Blowing or can here a rattle call in for a free exhaust check.

Exhausts are part of the emission control system, using the latest technology to help reduce your vehicles impact on the environment, with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) on diesel engines and Catalytic Converters & Oxygen Sensors on petrol engines. This ongoing drive to tighten vehicle emissions is not only leading to more complex exhaust systems, it's also causing more vehicles to fail their MOT. In order to keep you vehicle running cleanly and efficiently it's sensible to get your exhaust checked at least once a year.

At EDM we will checks your exhaust system completely free of charge where they will complete a visual inspection of the exhaust and it's mountings to check for any physical damage, leaking joints and corrosion. If we find a repair or replacement is required we'll give you a no-obligation quote along with an estimate of how long the repair will take to complete.

  • We will only repair or replace items that are damaged or require replacement.
  • We supply and fit exhausts, DPF’S, catalytic converters and sensors for virtually all makes of car and van and Motorhome.

How long is my exhaust guaranteed for?

All our exhaust come with a 2 year warranty unless otherwise stated.

How much does exhaust replacement cost?

The cost of your new exhaust part will vary from vehicle to vehicle and depend on what section, or sections, of the exhaust need replacing. The only way to know for sure is to bring your vehicle in for a FREE inspection. We can normally get a quote for you with the registration number, although it's always best if we can inspect the vehicle and match up the parts ourselves.

How long does fitting a new exhaust take?

Our FREE inspection usually takes around 10-15 mins to complete. If you do require a new part we will get you a quote and estimated repair time. How long it takes will depend how quickly we can get the part for you, although many exhaust repairs are completed within around an hour.

If you'd like to book in for a free exhaust check, contact EDM


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