Motorhome Servicing

What Is Motorhome & Caravan Habitation Servicing?

Similar to a car, motorhome & caravan servicing varies upon the model, age, how many miles it has covered or driven and when the last service was completed. Here at EDM, we always advise that motorhome servicing is completed annually.

A motorhome service compromises of various in-depth checks and tests including:

  • • Electrical systems such as; charging systems, batteries, pin plugs and cables, road lights & reflectors, sockets, wiring earths and earth bonding and more
  • • Fire & Safety including; smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher ( if applicable)
  • • Water System, checks include; pump & pressure switch, filter & housing, taps, water tanks, toilet, drain down and more
  • • Gas systems including; gas leak check, thermocouples, appliances, regulator, gas cylinder, hoses and gas dispersal vents and dates of hoses
  • • Bodywork including; roof, windows, doors, grab hands, number plate, furniture, floor, blinds & fly screens as well as the most important and overlooked damp testing
  • • Chassis and running gear; coupling head, tyre pressure and tread, jockey wheel, breakaway cable and more


So Why Is Habitation Servicing So Important?

Habitation servicing is important to any motorhome or caravan. By ensuring that your motorhome is serviced regularly, you will be ensuring that it is working correctly and efficiently and safe and catching any problems before they get worse which in the end can be a huge cost saving. In addition to Habitation servicing there is motorhome & caravan chassis servicing.


Chassis Servicing

Motorhome & caravan chassis servicing is recommended annually ideally at the same time as your MOT & Habitation service here at EDM our fully skilled technicians will care for your motorhome and carry out the service that is required whether its just an oil and filter change or a Full service and cambelt change.

Part of a motorhome service includes

  • • Removal of wheels and stripping and cleaning of brakes and making sure no components are seized worn or failing, lubricating any linkages and checking and topping up brake fluid.
  • • Checking of all ancillaries
  • • Tyres for wear and age-related cracking and setting of tyre pressures
  • • Checking for wiring or pipe chafing
  • • Checking all lights and levels and obligatory mirrors
  • • Replacing oils, Filters (air fuel pollen if due) and if required spark plugs
  • • Replacing of hubs nuts (caravan only)
  • • Checking of all suspension and steering components inc wheels bearings
  • • Checking of all tow bars or tow hitches inc wiring
  • • Checking for age interval related items that require changing i.e Timing belt renewal gearbox or transfer box oil renewal


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Motorhome servicing
Motorhome servicing
Motorhome servicing

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