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Using the most up to date testing equipment’s we are able to provide Ministry of transport tests also known as the MOT test we are able to do this on all classes of vehicle which include Cars, Motorcycles & quad bikes, Vans, Minibus and Motorhomes.

Unlike most of our competitors all MOT test come with a 10 day free retest and all our technicians are annually trained so they all carry out the test to the correct procedure and don’t invent faults for extra revenue.

It is a legal requirement that all vehicles 3 years old vehicles need to be tested and then annually. Using a vehicle without a current MOT certificate is illegal and can invalidate your insurance so once you have had an MOT test with EDM you will get a reminder sent to you approximately 6 weeks before it is due.

Fixed Price

The Ministry of Transport sets out the prices for testing but we reduce our prices and offer even more discount if The MOT is taken with a service.

These are currently:-

MOT Our Price
MOT - Class 1 & 2 (Motorcycle inc side car) £29
MOT - Class 4 (Car & Quadbikes up to 3000kgs) £54
MOT - Class 5 (Minibus up to 16 seats) £54
MOT - Class 7 (Vans over 3 tonnes) £54
MOT - Motorhomes (up to 5.2 tonnes) £54
MOT - With service (Car, Car-dervied Van & 4x4) £30
MOT - With service (Van & Motorhome) £40
RE-TEST FEE (within 10 working days) FREE

Advice You Can Trust

In the event of your vehicle failing its MOT test, we will provide you with an itemised written estimate including VAT before working on your vehicle, if we identify additional work once we have started working on your vehicle we will immediately contact you and requote before carrying on with the repairs so you know the total cost.

If we find any advisory items on MOT we can provide an estimate at your request and can give you advice on approximate time when the items will need replacing or repairing.

If you wish to take your vehicle to another garage for repair you have 10 working days not including weekends to bring it back for retest but please book in for the retest as soon as you can.


Never Miss an MOT

We value our customers and want them to stay on the right side of the law. We also want you to return to us for your next MOT, so on an annual basis we will send you a gentle reminder upto 6 weeks before your current MOT expires to say that your vehicle is due for testing please check you due dates yourself before booking.

EDM offers you this service free of charge.


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